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WBB is a base selling service in Clash Of Clans which aims to help players with the defensive aspect of the game. In a meta clearly oriented towards the offence, good defense is essential!

You won't have to worry about your defensive play anymore. The Pro builders at WBB take care of this by creating any type of custom base, according to your wishes and needs. All our bases are unique and fresh. This ensures that no one other than you will have seen or attacked them before.

Our WBB builders who play and build at the highest level of CoC, both in mixed bd and full th14. They master the defensive meta to perfection, having spent hours in fc's to see how to counter the meta strategies, find new defensive concepts that work well, and how to best set traps.

We offer you several possibilities, starting from $ 3 per base!

  • Buy a Pro custom base, created according to your criteria.
  • Buy one of our pre-made base packs.
  • Bubscribe to one of our base-subscriptions.
  • Opt for one of our deals!

Join our basebuilding-oriented community where we will help you create your own base for free, give tips, you can participate in weekly giveaways, special events and much more!

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