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BurntBase would like to introduce to you our wonderful PARTNERS in the clash community who work side by side with us to make clash a game we all love to play. They are what make the clash community great.

Our Partners

Clash Champs - Clash Champs is the Premier Tournament, Recruiting, News Hub for Clash of Clans.

Free Agent Press - FAP Is the Ultimate server for League Info, Recruiting, Free Agents, Graphics, Media, Friendly Wars, Clan Alliances/Mergers, Leadership Discussions and Networking!

Clash of News - Born on the 24th of November 2017, Clash Of News is the largest news transmitting community about Clash Of Clans.

Clash Recruit - We are a recruitment community with goals to have more defined and structured areas for both individuals and clans to efficiently find good matches.

Pixel Planet - I believe in the power of elegant minimalism in a world increasingly saturated with garish colour. For a long time, I’ve been turning the important (but dull) information into vibrant, exciting works of graphics! :wink: Well on a short note, I’m a graphic designer who believes project management software can be beautiful, fun and save my time!

Clash Recruiter Bot - Introducing Clash Recruiter a free bot to solve your recruiting problems. Bump your clan to other servers to gain a broader audience. Showcase your clan in a specified channel and gets updated every 2 minutes! Create interview channels for potential recruits.

Bogly Base Building - You have trouble with building your base, getting tired of being tripled in war and farm raids, or just need professional bases for ESL and league wars? You came to the right place!

Stronghold Bases - Stronghold Bases is a service that helps competitive clans and teams win more wars through our commitment to providing the highest quality bases to our clients. We have worked with world championship caliber teams to strengthen their defense.

Dynasty Base Building - We are a group of competitive builders playing in clans such as OneHive, Lost Resort, and J'off. We have been around for 2 years and are builders for the 2019 World Champions, Nova. We live by the statement "the best offense is defense".

Base Building - Ever wanted to learn how to build anti-3 bases for your hardest wars? With a dedicated team of some of the most experienced builders in the competitive community, the Clash of Clans Base Building server is just what you need to improve your abilities and learn to build your own bases from scratch

AYR BB SERVICES - Welcome to AYR BB SERVICES. The server is made up of some of the best base builders around in clash community who have been in competitive clash for a long time.

The Saints Base Building Server - Welcome to The Saints Base Building Server! Just wanted to tell y'all a little about ourselves and our story. Me and co founder @Jake are competetive Clash players and love to Base Build in the name of "Defense". We both wanted to be in Base Building servers but found that most of them had plenty of builders and that the ones that weren't full were very corrupt. We built this server on the belief that defense wins championships, that corruption is an abomination and that we want to be better and different then everyone else. We here at Saints BB hope to serve you guys with some great bases!

RH Base Building Server - RH is a team of 6 experienced Base Builders who do various content on our BB server, from BB guides and tips & tricks, voice sessions with people interested in learning stuff, giveaways every month, and all the way to providing finished products as bases for TH8-12 for tips/donations.

Top End Building - We are a new community of base builders and we would like to get support from you guys. We are The Top-End Base Builders.

Player Clan/History & Information - Welcome to the History server. The most important principle of any clan and league is ensuring a fair-play environment for all involved. Multiple measures are employed by leagues to ensure they are free of such issues.

USA Family - The U.S.A Family is one of the highest performing families in Clash of Clans. We are 18 clans strong and many are consistently ranked in the U.S. and global leaderboards, and often rank #1 in the United States and Canada at EOS.

The House of EL - The House of EL Community, the House where everyone is welcome, the great live and the good grow. House of EL Community is the Clashers Resource, designed by the original House of EL Clan, one of the few OG clans still around. Est July 1st 2013.

Havoc Family - We are a family of 5 clans who all offer active friendly family environments, with different levels of competitive play. We have development, casual, causal/competitive, and very competitive clans!

Evolve Your Game - One of the biggest families in the game and probably the most diverse catering for every style of clash of clans gameplay.

Reign of Clash - Reign of Clash is a free movement family, that means people can move around to family clans for a different experience. Each clan is free to do things their own way, and set their own rules for entry. We all respect that others play the game their own way. Nobody here will tell you how to manage your clan.

Unfair Warfare Family - Unfair Warfare is a very Social but organised & determined War Clan. With the desire to learn & improve the focus is on being the best Clan of Clashers we can be! Pushing Trophies passively means Unfair Warfare are a permanent feature in the UK Top 20 Clans.

Bye Forever Family - The ByeForever Family is a group of seven 100% fair play war clans. We are actively recruiting fun, friendly, drama free, serious three-star focused players.

The Pheonix - The Phoenix is a group of clans who seek the pure enjoyment of Clash of Clans! We strive to enjoy the game and the people who play it! Our core belief of Playing for Fun allows us to clash and socially interact in a manner that is entirely yours to choose!

Aphelion eSports - Aphelion eSports (AE) is a Mobile Gaming and Esports organization built up of a number of communities and teams which all connect together to make up our growing network.

The Centum Group - The Centum Group is a family of 10 active Clans, each with its own specialty.

TH13 Clash Community - Welcome to the Official TH13 server. The most important principle for any member is to enjoy clashing, learning new strategies and having fun.

TH12 Clash Community - This is a Community, that is which is based mostly for the TH12 Players. Here is where one can come and learn more about TH12, but to also meet some new People!

TH11 Clash Community - Amazing unique and fun events. Come and hang out with us.

TH10 Clash Community - If you are a th10, if you are one who wants to learn new strategies, or share your attack strategies and help make your fellow players better, this is a place for you! Our scope includes, but is not limited to, attacks, defenses, strategy making and war discussion.

Clash Co-Op - This is a Community, that is which is based mostly for the TH12 Players. Here is where one can come and learn more about TH12, but to also meet some new People!

UDG eSports - UDG ESports, hailing from India is a family of dedicated people, with a commitment towards expansion of eSports scenario in India, and continue providing international-level platforms for competition in various games.

Clash Community - Clash Community Is Clash Related Server. It was Founded On 3 September 2020. We Organize Tournaments , scrims, Events And Giveaways.

eVolute TFCC eSports - Italian competitive sector of Clash of Clans and supported by eVolute Gaming A.S.D.

Clash Kingdom - Welcome to Clash Kingdom! We are a community based server where you can help others while also growing your own game!

South African Gaming Community - We are a community created by South African Clashers with a passion! Join us on Discord where we have many competitions & events.

BeyondGamingPub Community - BeyondGamingPub Community is constantly looking for new players to join our clans. We have teams participating in several ESL Style Leagues that you can may attend. Our community includes members from various different games, our discord server is especially created for our users to enjoy playing with us.

Energetic Events - This is a General Tony Supported Event server hosting regular tournaments with amazing prizes.

Events Hub™ - Events Hub strives to provide you the most exciting and fun events and tournaments so that you can have a great time playing this amazing game with great people you’re yet to meet! Come join us!

Betatron™ - Are you seeking a professional group of war veterans to enhance your gaming experience? Look no further than Betatron Family! Betatron is an International, active, community-based server with an uniquely organized environment to create a family-like atmosphere. We focus on bringing our members competitive tournament opportunities to assist them in excelling at their next clashing level. You can join the Betatron Family today

The Brotherhood - The BrotherHood is all about the famous mobile game Clash of Clans. Our server is about meeting new people, giving ideas, creating new relationships and chatting. Please read on for more information.

The Clash Gateway - TCG aims to be a place where one can come to find new unique and interesting clash related servers, add their server (dm me), meet new people, recruit for their clans, and learn new tips.

The Leadership Server - Leading can be a challenge, so why do it alone. Here we have a community of over 500 Leaders and Co-Leaders from over 225 different clans.

Builder Base - Are you a fan of the builder base? I thought so. Come on down and join us for pro tips and tricks on how to master 3 starring every base.

Friendly War League - To create the most versatile, competitive, supportive, interactive, sociable war league that caters to all types of war players. Looking for a family of clans that can build a strong bond of sportsmanship that fosters a positive environment for all those that participate in the Friendly War League.

Indian Clan War League - Back in 2017 there existed no league in which Indians could participate. It is hard for Indian Clashers to take part in other leagues such as MLCW, NDL, CWL, etc, except for a very few select top-competition clans who know how to navigate those leagues. So our founders got together and the ICWL league was created!

South African War League - The 1st league to open up from South Africa, it is not only to accommodate South Africans but also international teams aswell. This being a No-Dip league is challenges you to take on your own war weight. Come on over and take part in this brilliant league

Global Clash Cup - The season 2 has been announced! Come apply or join us as spectator! The Global Clash Cup is a high league composed of 3 divisions: High, Weight and Speed.

Mythical War League - The season 2 has been announced! Come apply or join us as spectator! The Global Clash Cup is a high league composed of 3 divisions: High, Weight and Speed.

Nubia Cup - Nubia Cup is a competitive tournament for th13 players that will face 5vs5 firstly in groups and then during playoffs. The tournament will go on different months and battles will have a format never seen before!

Inter Clash Competitions - Inter Clash Competitions is an international e-sport organization on the game Clash Of Clans! Our competition is constituted of 5 leagues.

FCA Tournaments - We offer you the best clash of clans 1v1 Tourneys. Currently running th9 onwards upto over th13, we host events every week. Not only these events ARE FUN, but HAS GREAT PRIZES TOO. You can play and win real money.

Fair Play War League - FPWL is a Fair Play War League. As its name indicates, it's a league with fair game play in which we dont allow anything that is against coc ToS. This league is affordable to all clans out there Looking for flexible town hall BreakDowns.

Clash Masters League - The Clash Master's League(or CML) is an international friendly war competition hosting clans from all over the globe focusing in different town hall level expertise. For this season we will focus on town hall 9 and town hall 10