Who We are

Burnt Base is a Clash of Clans tool used to identify previously used bases, protect against using weak bases, and help with troop selection and attack planning. Don’t spend hours searching YouTube.

Burnt Base Staff

BurntBase is a website governed of the clashers , by the clashers, for the clashers that clash shall not perish from the earth.

amc aka Allen

A 7 year Clash vet, was inspired by his background in image recognition software development to solve the problem of keeping track of base layouts and finding them on YouTube after catching the competitive clash bug in Filthy Casuals and O-H. He ended up (via O-H...) at War Bees where he still leagues. He switched to Clash after non-stop chess battles & strategizing checkmate in 2 moves couldn’t compare to the planning and strategy of a solid 3 star war attack. After he reads this, don’t be surprised if he soon develops a new game: Clash Chess.

Zim aka Chris

Been time failing for 7 years, is a leaguer, a clan and alliance leader, an ambassador, and is the glue that holds BurntBase together. Content to work behind the scenes he lassos ideas and puts them to work. He enjoys clashing while “working” and spinning ones and zeros around like a fidget spinner

Mara Jade aka Allie

Leader of the same core of casual clashers since she was a th4. The BurntBase YT fanatic, memorizing tips and layouts when she should’ve been sleeping, she learned a few tricks that got her recruited into leaguing. In her free time she enjoys...nope, she doesn’t have free time.